December 10, 2023

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Technology can help business owners, both SMEs and large corporations, transform their businesses into smarter, more effective and more versatile organizations. In an active and globalized world, companies must use their resources efficiently and react quickly to meet the demands of their customers.

Digital technology has arrived to solve the problems through innovative systems that are adaptable to the needs of each organization. What used to take weeks or even months, today it is possible to do in a few minutes and without much effort.

Workflow Automation

According to McKinsey’s analysis, among business processes, 60 percent of occupations could save up to 30 percent of their time with automation, including document review and approval and processing of large documents. Workflow automation saves time and reduces errors, but more importantly, automation of functions allows managers, employees and stakeholders to focus on the most important and urgent tasks.

Today, there are digital solutions that help automate processes that can be very useful in streamlining a company’s workflows. Through automation, an organization can integrate different applications and tools, restructure work resources, and redefine overall workflow steps to achieve its objectives.

Increase productivity

Digital technology not only simplifies how people work, but also increases collaboration within a team and allows employers to obtain reliable information to make the right decisions. Technology allows employees and management to monitor productivity levels and track individual and team performance. This can be useful both for management to monitor the work of workers and for individual workers to track their own progress and find ways to improve their results.

Digital technology optimizes processes and reduces manual work and working hours, decreasing errors and increasing the productivity of each employee.

Improve the relationship with customers

Making customers feel appreciated is one of the most essential aspects for a company, so they must find new ways to optimize their interactions with them. Technological innovations have enabled companies to improve communication with their customers. There are, for example, digital tools that allow you to identify the profile of your customers and the products with which they interact most.

Digital technology can also provide the means to help develop a system that allows them to generate and deliver an excellent user experience to customers. Customer Relationship Management software, for example, can help you manage interactions with existing and potential customers and collect, store and analyze data on customer history with your company to improve communication and offers.

Managing a mobile workforce

Virtual collaboration tools are excellent for managing a mobile workforce because they allow people working in different locations to connect and interact with each other. Some mobile applications allow you to monitor operations and records at each work location.

Employees in the field can also take pictures of the tasks they are performing and send them immediately to the central office or to managers for review. Some of these applications have a built-in payroll system to help companies calculate work hours and wages and monitor labor costs for each project.

Improve communication and collaboration

No one can check 200 emails a day. However, once you organize your communication strategies, you probably won’t need to. Nowadays, you can find several platforms that allow you to communicate simultaneously with your team to work together on projects and tasks. These communication tools are easy to use and make things move quickly.

The cloud is another fantastic collaboration and communication tool that allows people located in different places to work simultaneously on the same project. When choosing a communication tool, keep in mind that the right solution must be compatible with the way people do their daily work and the way they collaborate and interact with outsiders.

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