December 11, 2023

Creation of a website

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Whatever your business or profession, the creation of a website / website is a good initiative to increase your turnover. Promote your activity to customers and prospects, and also transmit powerful marketing messages.

A small or large, well-established or brand new business should therefore have a web presence. An indispensable activity and services for the company and everything that revolves around commerce .

For more than a decade, Internet users have been using search engines to search for information but also for a service/product. Here is some information for those who would like to know more about web site creation. Even create a new website.

The different software for website creation :

1. CMS

Advantages and disadvantages of using CMS for website creationA CMS is the acronym for content management system. Or, in French, ” système de gestion de contenu ” (content management system). It is therefore a software using a database and allowing to manage from A to Z the appearance and content of a website.

Advantages of the use of CMS for the creation of a website :

  • user-friendliness
  • rapid deployment
  • Easy for non-technicians.
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Management of users as well as access authorizations to other users
  • Easy to check and manage history, i.e. what is edited on the site
  • Does not require a large budget
  • Functionality can be improved by using efficient plugins and extensions
  • SEO-friendly features and plugins
  • Plugins and extensions are easy to install and use

Disadvantages of using CMS for website creation:

  • Slow loading speed of a website
  • SEO features are limited and therefore may require an additional and difficult purchase for dynamic pages.
  • Expensive design and plug-ins for adding special features to the website
  • Limited in the development of new applications

2. Framework

Framework-based development allows you to focus on building the advantages and disadvantages of using the framework to create a single website, when creating a website, instead of coding common and familiar features found on many websites. Thus it is a custom business oriented development designed on a software infrastructure.

Advantages of using the framework to create a website:

  • Accelerate Custom Web Development
  • Simplify maintenance
  • No need to write additional code
  • Work more efficiently with databases
  • Automate common web development tasks
  • Protect Web sites from targeted security attacks
  • Perform unit tests efficiently
  • No need to increase the cost of web development

Disadvantages of using the framework for website creation:

  • Higher cost
  • No option to modify the operation of the basic software
  • Public Code

3. PHP/Mysql

Development on PHP/MySQL is a fast and feature-rich open source scripting language used to develop web applications but also for Internet / Intranet applications.

MySQL is a powerful open source database server built on the basis of a relational database management system (RDBMS) which allows to manage a large simultaneous database connection.

When combined together, PHP MySQL developers can therefore create very powerful and scalable Web / Internet / Intranet applications.

Advantages of using PHP/MySQL for website creation :

  • Secure and reliable database management system
  • Meets the specific needs of the company
  • Flexibility
  • Robustness
  • Scalability facilitating the management of deeply embedded applications
  • Cost savings in maintenance
  • Efficient transactions for high-volume projects.

Disadvantages of using PHP/MySQL for website creation :

  • Stability problems
  • Risk of poorly organized applications
  • Slow execution of scripts

Why think about web design in website creation

Usability and ergonomics:

One of the most important aspects of web design is to make a site functional for all users. Most of the clients who visit web pages are not all geeks, coders or webmasters… So they may sometimes need help on how a website works. A website is then qualified as ergonomic when it offers an easy and intuitive navigation mode allowing its visitors a quick grip. Ergonomics therefore aims to increase efficiency and greater comfort of use.


The speed of a website can make or break your company’s image. Despite the advanced technology used to connect Internet users around the world, the time it takes to display a page should be within 3 to 5 seconds, otherwise visitors will abandon your page to go to your competitors and never come back…


Thinking mobile today is a must, 48% of mobile users give up browsing a website that doesn’t look good on mobile. This represents a very bad image for the company. The creation of a responsive and adaptive design website is therefore necessary to meet the accessibility standards of smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs.

Aesthetic aspect:

The appearance of your web page is as important as the way it works. You only have 10 seconds to convince a visitor to continue his visit on your pages. However if he is not interested, don’t overdo it.


Users are very demanding. Even if your web page is easily accessible, works well and looks good, they will be satisfied, only if your website is attractive. Content marketing therefore plays a major role in a company’s advertising campaign. People by far prefer video to reading, which is why the number of video views has exceeded 50 billion per month. Learn more about video marketing.

The importance of SEO

In today’s competitive market, it is very important for companies to have an online presence with faultless SEO. It should be noted that Internet users are looking for almost everything online. Research has therefore shown that web users do at least one search before making most purchase decisions.

It is therefore necessary for brands to start creating a website that has a good presence in Google and on the Internet. It is not enough to have a website. It is also important that a consumer searching for keywords related to your brand arrives on one of your pages.

Most of the time, consumers are looking for a product, a service they need or information. Thus the optimization of referencing is crucial to gain visibility and to increase your sales in times of events; sales, holidays.

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