October 4, 2023

Web hosting

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The infrastructure and web hosting evolves with technology and the internet. From now on, hosting providers offer many new services and innovative solutions: Data center, servers, software, devices and security protocols. New trends are becoming a necessity on today’s web. Likewise for the web host and its customers if they want to stand out from competitors.

Here are web hosting trends in 2020

Value Added Services

A web host is no longer limited to the operation of a web server for file storage. It has also moved beyond the provision of basic services such as webdesign and e-mail marketing solutions. This evolution is due to a significant increase in customer expectations in recent years.

  • Hosting services now include online marketing services,
  • They can also offer e-commerce support,
  • Some service providers also offer online training courses…

Hosting companies see these additional services as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. See competitive intelligence.

Switching to SSD technology

Switching to SSD technologyA web hosting company now uses ultra-fast SSD (Solid State Disk) technology and state-of-the-art processors in their servers. With an SSD, the server can quickly find and select the data it needs. SSD technology does everything the HDD does. Except that the data is stored on interconnected flash memory chips that retain the data; even when there is no power.

The browsing experience will be much more enjoyable thanks to shorter loading times. In addition to speed, SSDs are more secure and reliable.


Google Chrome began marking non-HTTPS websites as “unsecure”. To encourage sites to switch to HTTPS, Google Chrome even promised a fair increase in rankings. Not switching to HTTPS has become a factor that significantly affects site rankings and can be costly to businesses on the web. As a result, free HTTPS is becoming the standard in web hosting!

Web security protocols

Web hosts are now placing greater emphasis on security protocols. Several cases of data hacking and cyber security breaches in recent years; Obliging web hosts to strengthen security. Web hosting providers have therefore taken advantage of technological innovation to offer their customers the personal security they need.

Web Security ProtocolsHosting security protocols; Such as compliance checks for CMS vulnerabilities, standard SSL certification, and encrypted data storage. Are now more widespread.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is becoming a trend. To log in, you will need your password and an SMS or email; For additional verification. This new method makes your account more difficult to hack.

Domain privacy is also one of the best features a web hosting company can offer. When a customer registers a domain name, his personal data is recorded in WHOIS; A publicly accessible database. Domain privacy protection ensures that all personal customer data is protected and hidden.

Green web hosting

The annual production of CO2 via the Internet is equivalent to 31 million cars driving around the world at the same time. This is due to the large amount of material stored in the data centers and the cool, controlled environment they need for sustainable operation. In order to ensure that the equipment functions properly, high electricity consumption is essential! Leading to the production of a large amount of CO2.

Green web hosting consists of operating a hosting infrastructure on servers, routers and equipment that consume little energy; while implementing policies that encourage recyclable energy.

Nowadays, many web hosting companies are turning to sustainable web hosting; By investing in environmental programs and becoming more involved in green initiatives. Which aim to minimize the damage caused to the ecosystem by their activity.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Web HostingCloud hosting is changing the game! Cloud technology and virtualization are known for their cost and scalability of resources. Small businesses also make it an ideal option for growing their business.

Unlike traditional server configurations, cloud hosting is more cost effective because it eliminates the constraints of physical servers and you only pay for the resources you use. This means that you can reduce your website resources to meet your immediate needs.

It also offers a more efficient platform for your data; Allowing you to retrieve your site’s resources from multiple virtual servers. It is a hosting solution that is both scalable and reliable.

Automated backups

In addition to being easy to run; backups on CMSs tend not to take up much space. Only the modified files necessary for the operation of the site are backed up; Ensuring that your site is up and running quickly in case of failure.

Many web hosting providers already offer automated (incremental) backups to their customers; But for most of them, this feature is an add-on that incurs additional costs.web hosting: Automated Backups
Given the growing popularity of CMS applications, automated backups will soon become a standard feature of web hosting services.

Transparency on offer resources

More and more web hosting providers are becoming transparent about the resources of different plans and offers.

The reasons behind this new trend are :

  • Better informed web administrators
  • More accessible computer equipment

Now it is possible to choose advantageous plans that incorporate extremely fast SSD technology and state-of-the-art CPUs in the servers. It is beneficial for everyone, including end-users and administrators. Thus, the web host provides more detailed information about its offers.

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